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Time:2012/2/16 15:42:42  5052
First, the market briefly

The atmosphere of subdued domestic PVC market is weak transactions, more abundant market supply, stock participants undermined the confidence of the transaction price Yindie.

Second, the upstream market brief

By weak U.S. retail economic data, as well as the U.S. dollar foreign exchange index rose, on the 14th New York crude oil futures price closed down 17 cents to close at $ 100.74 a barrel, down 0.2 percent.

Tuesday, the Asian ethylene market steady rise CFR Northeast Asia steady to close at 1255.5-1256.5 U.S. dollars / ton; CFR, Southeast Asia, up $ 15 / ton to close at 1220.5-1221.5 U.S. dollars / ton.

Third, local market conditions

PVC market offer stability maintenance, businesses follow the market shipments, poor downstream orders.

Shantou region PVC market continues dull, futures continued Zoudie the impact of spot market trading weak, the price fell slightly, the common type electric stone mainstream of 6670-6720 yuan / ton since the mention.

Light in Hebei PVC market sentiment, trading in a stalemate. Downstream procurement efforts, cost pressures, traders raised their hands flawless, more cautious. Ordinary 5 type electric stone to the mainstream of 6400-6450 yuan / ton.

Guangzhou regional PVC market continues dull, and the needs of poor turnover weak intention to higher merchant shipping, the price fell slightly to 30-50 yuan / ton. Ordinary 5 type electric stone reported that 6650-6700 yuan / ton since mentioning.

Fourth, the latest offer

Shandong Xinfa PVC plant starts to load in general, prices are down 50 yuan / ton, 5-type material freight less than 200 yuan / ton factory at 6750 yuan / ton acceptance, shipping outside the 200 yuan / ton, reported 6700 yuan / ton, acceptance, cash 150 yuan / ton, some transactions can talk.

Heilongjiang amalgamation PVC plant starts about 50% to 6650 yuan / ton acceptance, 5-type material prices, some transactions can talk.

Formosa Ningbo PVC plant running at full capacity. Offer stable and the S-65 S-70 S-60 East sent 7150 yuan / ton, the transaction can be discussed.

V. Future Forecast

Futures losing streak in ample supply, merchants shipped blocked the long and short is filled with, merchants undermined confidence, poor downstream business orders, multi-use with the take turnover without significant change. Multi adverse factors constraining the market is expected that the short term the market will remain weak consolidation situation.
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